Markus AmannMarkus Amann works as a philosophical practitioner and supervisor in private practice in St. Pölten and Vienna. He trained in Western philosophy at the Universities of Graz and Vienna, and in Philosophical Practice with Gerd Achenbach and the German Society for Philosophical Practice in Bergisch-Gladbach. He is also a Dharma teacher in the tradition of Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig.

Daniel BoldogDaniel Boldog; Budapest. Dancing is the same as walking… left foot, right foot… it is so easy, and – basically – good. Traditional Hungarian folk dance is a living tradition with circle-dances from “Csángó-land”, (Moldavia), originating from Asian roots. It includes influences as diverse as the European Renaissance and the Balkan cultures.

Susan GillisSusan Gillis Chapman has applied the principles of Contemplative Psychology to domestic violence intervention, couples therapy, and hospice work. She also leads group retreats and lives with her husband in Vancouver, Canada. She is a Karuna teacher, a Shambhala acharya and the author of „The Five Keys To Mindful Communication“.

Sabine FabachSabine Fabach, is a psychotherapist, karuna and mindfulness trainer. For 20 years she has been working as a freelance psychotherapist with a woman-centered approach. She is an expert in burn-out and stress management, a book author, meditation trainer, and teaches mindful communication and contemplative psychology (Karuna Training).

Christian FelberChristian Felber is a writer, university lecturer and contemporary dancer in Vienna. He is co-founder of the „Economy for the Common Good“ and the project „Bank for the Common Good“ He has written several bestselling titles: „Let’s save the Euro!“, „Change everything. Creating an Economy for the Common Good“, and „Money. The new rules of the game“, which was awarded the getAbstract International Book Award 2014. He is a regular collaborator on the                                        Huffington Post.

Hans Peter GraßHans Peter Graß is a graduate pedagogue, a trained teacher of special education and religion, a qualified adult educator and managing director of the Peace Office Salzburg. He is also head of the project “” and has completed the master’s course “Global Citizenship Education”. He is conducting workshops and seminars on the focal points: war and peace, prejudice-enemy patterns-racism, collective insults and “resistance against slogans”.

HammamHammam Yousef, graduated in Architectural Engineering at the University of Damascus and worked as Head of ِArchitectural Design, Creative Director, Bilingual Editor and Translator.
He comes from a family with a tradition of social/ political activism; both his parents were activists and both were arrested in 1980; his father is still missing. Hammam started his social and political activism at an early age and was arrested in late 1999 on account of being involved with a banned political party activities.
Currently he is member of the Syrian National Council, co-founder and previous board member of the Syrian Nonviolence Movement (an NGO established in the beginning of the Syrian popular uprising of 2011) and member of the Syrian Journalists Association, in addition to other activities providing support to Syrian people in their endeavor to achieve Freedom, Justice and Dignity.

Cora HiebingerCora Hiebinger started her training with dance and biology, and is fascinated by the body and its learning abilities. With 30 years of teaching experience she supports people to joyfully and powerfully realise their talents in a way that helps to strengthen the well-being and health of everyone.

Ingrid HoffellnerIngrid Hoffellner, is an architect and a Miksang photographer. She lives in Vienna, has been meditating for more than 20 years and is especially engaged in the arts and perception.

Honziková Katerina Hoziková, teacher, translator, psychotherapist, lecturer, activist and parent. Graduated from Special Education in Adults and the English language at Charles University. Completed a psychotherapeutic training in Mindfullness Therapy. Since 2015 involved in refugee-help activities and since 2016 running the project Prevention and Healing of Trauma in Syrian Children – Parent Programme. More about Katerina Hoziková..

Lennart KrogollLennart Krogoll grew up in Germany and lives in Canada. As an experienced mindfulness instructor he worked for the US Marine Corps (situational awareness and stress-injury). For 12 years he was the Sgt. Major for an international, unarmed security service organization that focusses on peaceful de-escalation of conflicts. Certified in Peace Operations by the UN Institute for Training and Research he currently develops mindfulness-based de-escalation and mental resilience programs for 1st responders, peace-forces and NGOs.

Sabine KuenSabine Kuen,  works as a systemic coach, teacher for psychology, philosophy and German, trainer in adult education, parental counsellor, student coach and meditation trainer. She is married, with three teenage children, and has been a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for more than 20 years.

Network of mindful economy Network of mindful economy; Erika Erber (left), Heinz Vettermann (right),
Co-founders of the Regional Network for Mindful Economy in Vienna, both are experienced practitioners of Buddhist meditation.

Irene PichlhöferIrene Pichlhöfer is a painter, ceramist and Ikebana artist From 1995 she studied with Ikebana master Prof. Sachiko Schmid. Ikebana (Japanese: “living flower”) is one of the traditional contemplative arts in Japan.

Otto Pichlhöfer Inni StroblDr. Otto Pichlhöfer (left) is a general practitioner, practitioner and teacher of the Shambhalabuddhist way. He is chairman of the Hospices of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Society.
Inni Strobl (right) is a nurse and has been working in hospice care for many years. She co-ordinates and teaches in the course “Introduction to the life, death and bereavement”. More Information..

Barbara PreitlerBarbara Preitler is a psychotherapist, supervisor, lecturer and author and is founding member of the Hemayat Organisation for survivors of torture and war (Vienna). She is also engaged in numerous psychosocial projects in southern Asia. Recent publications include: „Grief und Disappearance. Psychosocial Interventions“ (2015, Sage, Delhi) and „To be at their side. Psychosocial care of traumatised refugees“ (2016, Studienverlag Innsbruck).

Sabine PutzeSabine Putze is a doctor, teacher at a school for health and nursing, and supervisor. She also studies systemic constellation work and is a mother and a grandmother. She has more than 30 years experience in meditation, contemplative arts and contemplative psychology (Mudra and Maitri Space Awareness) in the Buddhist and Shambhala tradition. She is a student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, teaches Mudra Space Awareness and is active in the core team of the Mindful Economy Network.

Network of Non-Violent CommunicationPaula Rossi (left), has been working as a trainer in adult education since 2013, focusing on non- violent communication. She is a certified trainer for adult education and business training as well as trainer for non-violent communication (CNVC). She has been a member of the Network of Non-Violent Communication in Austria since 2006. (
Elisa Zechner (right), uses non-violent communication as an effective practice for clarity and peace on an inner level and in interaction with others. She has been active in the Network of Non-Violent Communication in Austria from its beginning. As a lawyer in the Ministry of Social Affairs, her wish is to practice and deepen a non-violent attitude in everyday life. (

Martin SchenkMartin Schenk,  works as an expert for social affairs within the Diakonie and is co-founder of the “Poverty Conference”. He is a psychologist and co-initiator of numerous social initiatives: “Hungry for Art and Culture” (culture for people without money), “Becoming Visible” (people affected by poverty organize themselves). He does longterm work with homeless people and accompanies socially disadvantaged and severely traumatised young people. He is an assistant lecturer at the FH Social Work Campus Vienna.

Wolfgang SchickWolfgang Schick has lived in Salzburg for more than 35 years and has been Consultant for Youth Affairs for the city for over 25 years. He has also been an Integration Advisor for the Salzburg region since 2015. He represents Austrian youth affairs in various EU committees and is a lecturer at PH Salzburg. He consults widely in the field of youth and adult education. His spiritual home is the monastery Gut Aich and the teachings of Brother David Steindl – Rast.

Christoph SchlickChristoph Schlick studied law and theology in Graz, Salzburg and Rome. He was Benedictine monk for more than 20 years. In 2001 he founded the Institute for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, and in 2014 he founded the “SinnZENTRUM” in Salzburg, where he worked as a company consultant, speaker and coach.

Windhorse WienMichi Nowak has been a social educator since 2006 at Windhorse Vienna. She has studied contemplative psychology and intensive psychotherapy, is a researcher into the confusion and clarity of mind, and practices meditation and music.
Linde Hörl, art teacher and artist, mother of two children, has been working at Windhorse Vienna since 1998. She has studied contemplative psychology, open dialogue and intensive psychotherapy. She is firmly believes in the healing effect of creativity.
Gerti Ulbel, psychologist and the mother of two sons, has been working at Windhorse Vienna since 1998. She has studied contemplative psychology and intensive psychotherapy; she sings, laughs and sits in silence.

Karlheinz ValtlKarlheinz Valtl teaches educational science at the Center for Teacher Training at the University of Vienna and holds lectures and workshops on current educational topics. At the University of Vienna he is focusing on awareness and compassion being basic resources for the development of children, adolescents and adults. Together with students, he organizes the biennial “Wiener Symposium Pädagogik der Achtsamkeit”, from which the Network of Mindfulness in Pedagogy has developed. On his spiritual path Karlheinz Valtl has been a student of A. H. Almaas for 20 years.

Claudoa VillaniClaudia Villani was born in 1955 and has 3 grown-up children and 2 grandchildren. She is a psychotherapist in private practice, with special emphasis on support of the dying and trauma work. She has been volunteering in Pakistan since 2003 (with the organisation Dr. Pfau) with a focus on Afghani refugee camps with 100,000 people in Karachi.